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Body & Soul 

There has never been a better time to make time!  

Time to focus on getting healthy - body and soul.

God is calling you to a great work.  He has plans for your life.  Whatever your calling, He wants you well and healthy in order to fulfill all He has planned for you.  Now is the best time to get started.  

There are some crazy things happening in our world.  One thing that has been really surprising is realizing how much people seem to value their health.  Seem to, because while we are all staying home in an attempt to stay healthy with the threat of a virus scare - what were we all doing to be healthy before?  

In my own life, being healthy, wasn't number 1 or 2, or even 3.... barely made the top 10.

Since the beginning of this year, I have been feeling God urging me to be proactive about my health. And I get it now! 

I Pinned healthy meals, researched supplements and watched a ton of exercise videos.  All with little results.  Because doing the research isn't the same as taking action.  Faith is like that too.  We can have all the information and do very little to activate it in our daily lives.  

But today is a new day!   


Embrace this season!

Take advantage of the limited distractions in life!

It is time to get healthy - Body & Soul!

Move More

Small steps equal big changes!  We all have to start somewhere.  There are simple things we can do from our own homes to help us move more while increasing flexibility and limiting the effects of stress on the body.

Simple & Actionable challenges each week. 

Running Shoes
Eat Better

Battles are won in the kitchen - not the gym.  A healthy life starts with what we put in our bodies. Easy tips, guidelines, and ideas to conquer the kitchen. 

We are all cooking from home a little more these days. Let's make good choices, sharing resources and meal planning for success. 

Healthy Eating
Feed your Soul

Scriptures are like an anthem for the soul. We are going to work to memorize scripture so that takes on a whole new meaning! 

With a weekly bible study to discuss the power, purpose and story behind the scripture of the week and a printable to help with memorization.  

Bible Text

Are  you  ready?

Make better Eating choices

Motivation to Move more

Weekly devotions & Scripture

Join our community!  It all happens on Facebook. Sign up below to join our community. 

With a commitment to memorize one scripture a week we will grow in our knowledge of God’s Word. Having scriptures committed to memory will empower each of us in times of challenge.  Like an anthem written on your heart, you will be able to repeat these scriptures for encouragement. 


Not only will there be weekly printables to help you memorize the verse, but we will also be hosting a weekly video devotion to talk about verse in-depth and what it really means in context and in your own life. These weekly devotions will help you grow in your knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and help you to remember the verse.


It is time to get healthy - I know that is what God has been telling me - actually for years now.  And time has gotten away from me. So now I am making a commitment to do the work. I am making a promise to God and to you that I will make the time, take the steps and work toward what I know God is calling me to.  I believe God wants his gals healthy so we are ready to do all he has for us. 


There will be weekly Tips for Healthier eating, Simple motivations to move more and exercise and even tips for self-care.  We are going to have fun and be practical. These tips are for everyone. 


You can expect a lot of activity and interaction from this group.  We want you to participate, chime in, ask questions, share your journey.  We want to be a community that helps women become all they are created to be through Jesus.  

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This course takes a lot of work to put together.  But we believe it will benefit your life. With all that is going on in the world today, we choose, for now, to make this community group and all its resources available for free.  People are struggling and we know God will provide. Please share this page with your friends and invite others to participate with us.  We are all better together! 

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