21 Day Water Challenge

Water is the source of life for all living things. There is also a spiritual connection to water. The bible tells us that “In the beginning … the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.” Genesis 1:2. We know that our bodies are made up of over 60% water. And we know we need water to live. Water is the most precious natural resource we have. Yet we take it for granted. And those of us who have easy access to water do not drink enough of it.

It is hard, unfortunate but true. I am guilty like most of us. I don’t drink nearly enough water. There are sweeter, tastier choices. But don’t let the tongue’s taste buds rule your decisions. (oh I could preach on the power of the tongue in a way you haven’t heard it before. Look for that article next week!) I am quick to make a pitcher of tea or reach or a bottled soda before I fill a glass of water. But I am taking the 21 day water challenge to start my new year off right and I want you to as well!

What will your results look like?


We know we need water to live. Water has more health benefits than we can list.

From the inside out your body needs water. Everything from your hair to your skin to your circulation will reap the benefits of drinking water. Wait till you see the impact on your age. You will look younger, you will lose weight, you will feel happier. Water gives life.


You will have to pee – a lot!

All this water has to go somewhere. Your body can not and should not hold on to it. You do not want water retention.

If drinking lots of water is new for you, you will see a big difference. One of those differences is the many trips to the bathroom you will be making. Flushing your system of toxins and creating a clean flowing cycle is also one of the benefits of this challenge. However, like with any challenge, it may not feel so beneficial the first few days.

You may be bloated.

Drinking large amounts of water- or anything, can take its toll on the body too. Your body may take a few days to get used to flushing your system. This can make you feel bloated for the first few days. But hang in there! The long term benefits will GREATLY outweigh the initial discomfort.

Challenge details

Drink one gallon of water EVERY day for 21 days.

*Document the results. By accepting this challenge you must snap a selfie against a plain background. (try your bathroom wall or a well lit hallway.)

You are going to see the results week after week. You’ll want this picture to compare it to.

*Take your measurements. If weight loss is a goal, you’ll want to measure your waist. In 30 days this number should be lower than it is right now!


Drinking water doesn’t have to be hard.

1. I find that I am thirstier after a workout. So if you can’t get the water down, try going for a short run, that’ll make you thirsty.

2. Super hot sauce. I don’t like the spice, but give it a try, one bit of a red hot chili pepper and you’ll reach for that gallon of water.

3. I have read that the body confuses hunger for thirst, so the next time you think you are hungry, reach for your water bottle to quench the belly grumbles.

Now seriously, tips

There are 128 fluid ounces in a gallon. To make sure you are getting your gallon in you can:

Go for the Gallon:

Get a gallon of water from the grocery store. These jugs are $1.00. You can buy one and refill it each day so you know you completed your goal or you can buy 30 and drink one a day.

Bottle it up:

Go for the water bottle – Dasani water bottles are 16.9FL OZ. So 8 bottles will more than meet your goal.

Measure for yourself:

You your favorite refillable water bottle that keep on hand. Just be sure to calculate how many ounces it is and how often you’ll need to refill it. Also make sure you have a true way to keep track. Use your phone or a check sheet to keep track. You don’t want to get to the middle of your day trying to figure out if this is refill number 5 or 6 or is it 7?

Reward yourself:

Try a sticker chart.

You don’t have to be in preschool to love stickers! Make a chart you will be proud to fill up. Give yourself a sticker per glass or bottle. You can get a whole book of stickers at the dollar store. If you have kids get them involved. Let them see that you are setting goals and that you are proud of yourself for reaching them too.

Reward yourself with something simple each day – NOT food.

Too often we think a chocolatey treat is a good reward for any job well done. I love my sweet treats too. But love them because you love them. Desserts or candies are not rewards. Don’t train your brain that you “deserve it” or “you earned it”. Enjoy just to enjoy, you earn weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. You don’t earn sugary treats – those you simply enjoy because you choose to.

Make time - 8 bottles

And how?

Some of us don’t drink enough anything. The slogan of my life is “you have time for what you make time for.” I never had time to work out before because it wasn't a priority. I hadn't made my health a priority ever. I intend to now, but it is hard. Not just the working out but the retraining my brain to know that an hour at the gym is more valuable than an hour getting stuff done at home. It is more valuable than an hour relaxing with the family, it is more valuable than solving a friend’s latest life crisis. In the past I put a lot of things first. But with so many people depending on me, I have to put getting healthy first. Otherwise I don’t know who will get stuff done at my house and I won’t get to relax with my family. My friends will have no one to solve their problems because I will be sick or worse with health problems. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has to be a priority of us all.

  1. As soon as you get up, get a water bottle. This helps to wake the body and the metabolism. This gets the circulation flowing and is a great way to get that first bottle in. Drink up while you are getting ready for the day.

  2. On the way to work

  3. Lunch time – enjoy your water. Add some fruit to infuse your water if you’d like the added flavor.

  4. Afternoon – help the digestive process with a bottle after lunch. You can sip it through the rest of the work day, but get it in. YAY!

  5. Gym time! Hit the gym it is sure to build up your thirst. Even if you are not venturing to the gym today, this is still a great time to get in some activity. Hit the mall for a few quick laps or jog around the block before heading home to the family. Activity is vital to your health. *If you work out right, you may get two bottles in.

  6. With dinner – get a bottle in during dinner.

  7. We all know you are going to snack. Just make sure you are snacking with your water bottle in hand.

  8. Before bed. Drinking water before bed can prevent a heart attack! That is incredible. How many lives could be saved if we all practiced this simple health trick. This is for life – water before bed. Tell your friends.

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