Advent Wreath and the Spirit of Christmas

I am so excited for Christmas! It is such a wondrous time … probably because of all the lights. Christmas lights are my thing 😊 This year I hope you will join me throughout the month of December as we countdown to Christmas and celebrate Advent.

Advent is a new tradition for me. After learning about it just last year, I cannot believe I haven’t heard of this sooner. Advent is basically a count down to Christmas but so much better!

I know you have seen those – not delicious – chocolate count down calendars around. And while those are fun for the kids, they are not as rewarding for adults (because they are not delicious). Celebrating Advent with the lighting of the candles in the wreath is a wonderful tradition to keep us focused on the Reason for the Season – Jesus!

The Advent season is a time of preparation for our hearts and minds for the anniversary of the Lord’s birth on Christmas.

The Advent wreath is made up of 4 – 5 candles. Traditionally, 3 Purple, 1 Pink, and 1 White candle, in the center which represents Christ and is lit on Christmas day. Of course, I went non-traditional and made a wreath that looks beautiful on my dining room table.

Watch the video to learn all about Advent and the Wreath.

Each week we light a new candle to represent wonderous themes that remind us of the season and enrich our faith.

Spoiler alert: Hope, Faith, Joy & Peace.

Each week in December I am making a video to talk about the Advent theme of the week and how we can be encouraged, hopeful and grow more and more into the gals that God has created us to be. Join me for the Journey this Christmas Season and get ready for your best year yet!

You are going to love learning about Advent and taking the time to reflect on the themes of Christmas. It will shift your perspective and prepare your heart for the joy of Christmas.

I hope you will join me each week this month as we prepare our hearts for Christmas and eagerly anticipate all that God has planned for us.

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