Finding the Balance

Balance is the Key to enjoying life

Balance is the key to having a joyful life. You can do so many things and juggle all the responsibilities and desires in your life so long as you find your balance. There is a right time and a wrong time. There is a so many different hats we wear as women, wives, mothers, friends, sisters, employees… oh the list goes on. It is easy to get overwhelmed. That is why finding the balance to our schedules and to our priorities is so important to minimizing stress and maximizing success. To have balance in your life is to make sure you are dedicating the right amount of time each priority deserves.

As a mom it is important to spend quality time with your children; to teach them and share with them and enjoy them.

It is also essential to maintain a healthy relationship with your spouse. Build on your relationship, grow in intimacy and love.

Central to maintaining your balance as well as your joy, you must be sure to take time for yourself and the things you enjoy, your friendships, hobbies, and your dreams. The things you are passionate about such as your church or volunteer work.

Also, it is necessary to make time for household management. As lady of the house you have the responsibility of running your home, keeping it clean, organized and welcoming. This is no small task, but it is one we all share. It is great when husbands help out and chores are shared. That is one way to find balance, by sharing some of the work load with the family. General management of the home, regardless of who does or does not help out, typically falls to the lady of the house.

Often I meet moms who are divided. Their kids are great, but their marriage is suffering or they are missing out on friendships and feeling lonely. Or their personal lives are in order but their kids are, well - not. More and more I am just meeting moms who are lonely. They enjoy their children, but there is not much outside of that. It doesn’t have to be that way. It is all about balance. Getting a routine down, prioritizing your roles and pampering yourself in the meantime.

The three principles to finding balance and implementing change…

Prioritize, Plan and Persevere

Step 1


Think about what is important to you.

What do you want? What kind of mother do you want to be? What kind of marriage do you want to have? What kind of woman do you want to be? What are your desires? What matters to you?

These are questions only you can answer. Rest assured the answers can and will change throughout your life - you just have to change with them. You determine your priorities. Their order of importance in your life is your decision.

#1 - Take a moment to think about what is most important to you.

Suggestions to get you started on your own list

In no particular order:

Spending quality time with the kids

Quality time with your spouse


Church Activities

Running Errands

Girls Night Out

Time for yourself

Work/School/Volunteer etc.

#2 Next establish what you want in a few sentences.


“I want to be a fun loving, life affirming, and confident woman. I desire a clean and organized home. A strong relationship with my husband and a joy filled relationship with my children. I want to be a good friend, have good friends and make a difference in the world around me.“ (PS – this one is mine.)

Step 2


You will want to have goals for yourself.

Every plan needs a strategy. Trying to do a routine overhaul of your life will not only add to your stress, it will ultimately not work, then you will have wasted your time and energy. Effective change takes planning and small manageable steps. Start out small. Take change in stride. Make changes in your home gradually. The point is to alleviate stress not add to it. Start by taking that MED time for you to relax, rejuvenate and find the joy in your life. MED is first because you must take care of you so that you can take care of everyone else.

The car can’t get anyone anywhere if it is out of gas. Keep your gas tank full by taking care of yourself and your soul. Spend time with God and seek His will for your life. Pray for peace and wisdom. He is eager to answer those prayers. Put your first things first and make steps to build the life you want.

Use the tools you have been working on throughout this book. You are getting a vision of what you want and declaring your priorities. So look that over and decide what comes next. What priority or goal do you have at the top of the list?

Step 3


Stick it out!

Change can be difficult but so worth the challenges. Some changes will be easy to adjust to, others not so much. But sticking it out will make everything worth it in the long run. Keep your goals for yourself and your family in mind. Remember your priorities. Write a list, if that will help you stick to your goals. If your plan is not working strategize, change, adapt. Make the commitment to apply the Joyful Mommy Revelation to your life. Be okay with less than perfect results and take pride in your stride. Celebrate the many things you juggle and be confident that God knew you could do all this. Now watch your life transform, so that you can feel that confident Joyful Mommy ideal – “Yeah, I got this!”

Prioritize, Plan, Persevere

These three principles are the key to changing your life. Stick to them – Remember them and use them in every aspect of your life.

Start implementing these priorities in your life. Don’t stretch yourself too thin, some things may have to wait for your attention. Begin balancing your life through visualizing what you want, prioritizing your roles, and committing to sticking with it even if it becomes difficult – persevere.

*Remember – you are mom, lady of the house, and queen of the castle. Own it. Be who you want and guide your family to better, happier, quality relationships.

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