Girl, read your bible - Join us!

About a year ago I shared this post - and it went viral! With nearly 5 million views and thousands of comments and shares. I was blown away by the responsiveness and conversation it prompted. The post title read “Girl, read your bible”. And that resonated with people.

The post was pretty basic from a design standpoint. A plain white background with cursive black text. Certainly not eye-catching through design. But simple stated truth has a way of grabbing attention. There were so many who eagerly agreed that the message in this simple post was pure truth.

It continued by stating you can eat all the kale, do all the things but peace only comes through knowing Jesus.

So it was no surprise that as the New Year rolled around the post re-surfaced with so many comments from gals agreeing and vomiting that this was the year they were, in fact, going to spend more time reading their bible and getting into the Word - vomiting to growing in their Christian walk and their relationship with Jesus. I felt nothing but joy. Hoping that this simple post inspired some gals to grow in God.

But as the month passed, I saw many posts and comments from gals that admitted they hadn’t kept their Resolutions. They hadn’t been reading their bible as planned. So I started inquiring to learn what the challenges were.

So why aren't your reading your bible?

  • I don’t know where to start.

  • I just get too busy and forget.

  • I don’t understand things when I am reading.

  • It is kinda overwhelming.

These were the types of answers I was seeing over and over. And I wanted to help. So looking at the challenges people were having, I came up with a simple solution. A weekly online bible study.

We want to help! Girl read your bible weekly online study:

  • Easy outline to read in just a short sitting.

  • Themed months to really learn about a biblical story

  • Fabulous, user-friendly Bible (recommended below)

  • Thoughtful follow-up conversation to use the story’s truths and lessons in our lives today.

Sound good?

Oh, and it is FREE - no charge for this group.

I just want to help you read your bible and get something out of it every week. Hopefully something new, hopefully something that will make your daily life a little better and your relationship with Jesus stronger.

I hope you will sign up for this Facebook group and join us every week for the study and throughout the week. It is my hope that this can be a wonderful place to connect with God’s gals and grow together.

Here is the link to join the group. Just sign up on our website and you will be emailed the link to join the group. (this helps us deter spammers.)

Join the online Facebook group Girl, read your bible - Click here.

  • PS below is a link to the bible I am using for this study. I absolutely adore it. There are so many features to help you get more out of the text!

You will be inspired, understood, and encouraged through the 365 daily devotions and the comprehensive study features that include:

  • Full-page reflections on 50 life challenges

  • 100 Promises of the Bible

  • 200 notes of wisdom for her heart and mind

  • Introductions to each of the 66 books of the Bible, with an overview of topics and themes

  • 50 biographies of well-known-and lesser-known-women of the Bible

  • 350 brand new study notes with facts and insights that bring context to Scripture

  • More than 250 highlighted verses that have most impacted Elizabeth's spiritual walk with God

  • Available in hardcover or a beautiful soft purple cover!

  • A young woman after God’s Own Heart Bible - NLT (I know it says “young woman” but this is the one that has so many great extras and well, it’s PURPLE! So, this is my fave.)

  • The teal one is "A Woman After God's Own Heart". If you would prefer it to the "young woman" ;)

  • VIDEO below (for a closer look.)

*Using this link to purchase the bible through Amazon does help to support my ministry. I am an Amazon Affiliate. And I truly do appreciate your support.

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