Hope in Christian-eese.

I get it now....

When I was younger, I didn't like that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years were all lumped into a couple of weeks. I thought it'd be better to spread them out. But now I'm a little older and a little wise and I get it now.


Now I appreciate that Thankfulness kicks off this festive time of the year.

That is not just a day but a season. A celebration with friends and family that conditions and prepares our hearts for Christmas - which is definitely more than a day - it's about a month, give or take a week (or two).

Thankfulness precedes the blessing.

So it is absolutely perfect that on Thanksgiving, where we take time to prepare more food than we need and gather with friends and family, and all of us take time to stop and reflect on our list of gratitude. We are preparing our hearts and minds for the season of Hope, of Joy of Peace, and of Love.

Christmas is the season we all look forward to.

That is why I love that the Sunday that follows Thanksgiving kicks off the season of Advent. Advent means “Arrival of” and that is what the coming weeks are leading to, the celebration of the arrival of Jesus. Our Hope in the future, so that we might have Joy and live with a Peace that surpasses all understanding, knowing what Love truly looks like - the love the Lord has for all mankind; that He would give his son, that Jesus would suffer on the cross. Each week is a reminder of our faith. We light a candle and reflect on a word - a theme for the week. These words all describe the Christmas season and the Christian faith.

Sunday kicked off the advent season. Week one - Hope.

Hope in Christian-eese.

When I ask my kids about Christmas I don’t ask what they “want”. I ask what they are “hoping for”? Words carry weight and I try to use them well. (trying.) But I don’t want to confuse them or you. Hope in the Bible doesn’t mean “wishing for”. It is not a desperate longing or desire. Hope means confident assurance. Think faith mixed with wonder.

So this week, when you are reflecting on the season and making time to be still, pray on the word Hope and consider where your hope lies today. Not what your “wishing for” but instead confident assurance that God will keep every promise He has made. That He has plans for you. That you have a purpose. That you are loved. That you have the power and authority to speak life and love into every situation around you. That you are stronger than the devil and that no evil formed against you will prosper.

I know that for many the Advent season can be filled with chaos and frustration, even disappointment. But you have the power to overcome all that. Your Hope - Your confident assurance that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord, that is the promise you can cling to. Not in a desperate plea, but as a strong confident woman of God. God’s gal.

This is going to be your BEST CHRISTMAS yet!

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