Joy vs Happy

Why “Joyful” Mommy?

Often, I am asked, “Why Joyful Mommy?” The answer is simple. There is a distinct difference in the words Joy and Happy.

There are moments, in life, when the kids are good, the house is clean and all the bills are paid. Moments when your son brings you a beautiful picture he made you in school, your husband folds and puts away the laundry, your daughter throws her arms around you and tells you in her sweetest voice that she “luvs you so, so, much”. These precious moments make you happy. Everything is good and special. These are typically the moments that will remain in your memory all of your life.

In life, however, there will also always be “those days”. You know the ones. The days when the laundry pile is taller than the washing machine itself, the kids missed the bus this morning and now dinner is burning on the stove. No matter how well you plan, organize and prepare, these days will come. That is when we cling to our joy for strength. Joy is an internal peace that gets us through. Joy reminds us not to sweat the small stuff and that indeed, these things are the small stuff even though they feel giant in the moment. Joy is the confident hope that it will all be okay.

Happiness is fleeting. It is a feeling, an emotion brought on by your circumstance, but joy is eternal. Joy, by my definition, gives you the ability to face these days with peace. Chalk it up to small stuff and push forward to a brighter tomorrow. While “those days” may come, they will also go and after all, tomorrow is another day.

Joy vs Happy

Happy is a feeling. Something makes you “happy”, or someone. It is an emotion you experience for a certain amount of time. Happiness can dissipate or fade. Happiness can be changed into sadness or anger. It is a feeling that can be replaced or bumped by another feeling. You can be happy about something. You can be happy when you remember something or someone comes to mind that can make you feel happiness. It is a moment, a feeling, an emotion.

Joy is a state of being. Joy is found in someone who is content with their life, they have balance and a clear understanding of what is important in their life. Joy is a peace found inside oneself. And, more importantly the “Joy of the Lord is my strength.” Because as a Mom we all need to draw our strength from a strong source.

“The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

Because joy is where your peace comes from, you can control it. You determine your level of joy. You decide if you are a joyful mommy, or if you are a desperate housewife. Are you content or do you have a longing?

Well, as a mom, I have a longing. I am desperate to be an amazing mother. I long to have my family appreciate me. I am desperate to have joy in my household and in my marriage. I ache to feel good at what I do, what matters most – to feel like, “yeah, I got this! I am a good mom!”

Joyful Mommy was designed to turn that desperate longing to a joyous reality for you and your family. Being joyful does not mean that your life is or will ever be perfect. There will still be those days when the laundry is piling up, the phone is ringing, dinner just boiled over on the stove, the kids are fighting and your best friend is upset you don’t make time for her. Those days will come, they are what life is made of. Being a Joyful Mommy doesn’t promise a perfect life, instead, it offers the skills and advice for managing life’s mini catastrophes with joy, peace and perspective.

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