Self Care is M.E.D time *Revelation 3

Revelation 3

M.E.D time


Mommy’s Every Day time

Meditate. Exercise. Devotion.

Making time for you… so you can do everything else! Self-care is the secrete.

“He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul.” Psalms 23: 2-3

Life should be joyful and peaceful. You should take care of yourself and restore your soul so that you can inspire those around you and have the energy to enjoy it.

You are the Matriarch of your family. The Queen of the castle. You are the life giver, the household manager, and the caretaker. With everything from meals to bills, not to mention organizing and planning as well as preparing and cleaning up after, you make the house a home and the people in it a family. It is no small task and one that requires a lot of attention to detail, preparation and foresight. You are uniquely created for this job and mothers everywhere share in this joy as well as the burdens it brings.

It is difficult and sometimes, seemingly impossible to make time for ourselves. With everything demanding our attention, we often neglect that much needed time to relax and rejuvenate. But making time for yourself is not only a vital part of being a Joyful Mommy, it is the cornerstone for our movement. With our hectic lives and schedules it seems we neglect ourselves to make sure everything and everyone else is being taken care of. But if you are going to do it all… you will need to take time for yourself. Not a one day mani/pedi. (Which is also needed but not what I am talking about here.) Taking care of yourself is an everyday need to maintain your motivation and joy.

It is funny to me, (Strange-ish, not funny as in ha-ha) how little most moms care for themselves. Do you ever wonder what you even did with all your time before having kids? As moms we know what needs done, how to do just about everything and when it is all supposed to get done. But then there is that rare instant when you look around the house and it’s clean, the kids are taking a nap or perhaps playing outside while dinner is cooking in the oven and for a moment, just a moment, you really have nothing vying for your attention. (I know you just laughed a little and said “yeah right” to yourself.) But that moment really does come.

For me, that moment feels uncomfortable and awkward. Just as easily as it came, I will force it away. Surely something needs my attention, and I will find it. Imagine my surprise when I found other mothers who confessed the same feelings! What I learned from this is that as moms, we have forgotten how to relax. It is uncomfortable. We are doers. We have become so used to running and working that we never seem to stop. And because of that, we have forgotten how.

Be reassured, we need this time! Rejuvenation will give you more time, energy and clarity. Your MED time is vital. And you will see the value and improvement in no time at all. We have to learn to relax, to give ourselves just a little “me time”. And ladies, that is without the TV. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a favorite show, or having some sit down time in front of the good old TV. But MED time is about rejuvenation, clarity, relaxation. All those images flashing at you and the noise and the distraction, it doesn’t fit in with MED.

Each challenge in our program will have its rewards. This first challenge, though it may seem difficult to make the time, is essential, and its reward will be almost instant. You will need 30 minutes – minimum. 40 minutes would be best but start small and go from there.

MED is the secret of every Joyful Mommy. It is your time to rejuvenate. This time must be taken every day to ensure you maintain your balance as a mother, wife and woman. MED time is essential to being a Joyful Mommy.

MED is time for you to relax and care for yourself. Your body has needs and that is why this time is so vital to your success. There are 3 areas of achieving that wonderful feeling known as relaxation. There are three parts to our Mommy’s Every Day challenge. Each step is a part of a life altering transformation as you shift from working to make life run, into the bliss that enjoys life with joy.

1. Meditate: (No need to hum.) This is a time to reflect on the day, the joys in your life, and your hopes for your family.

- Create a relaxing environment

Find a relaxing space in your home. Whether it is your bedroom, a comfy chair where you can sit quietly and look out the window or even outside on your patio. Make yourself a nice cup of chi or chamomile tea. Turn on an instrumental app or playlist.

- Positive thinking

This time can only be spent thinking on positive things. No regrets, no worries. Count your blessings. No matter what is going on in our lives there are endless blessings. Look for the good in your life and be thankful for it. This time is meant to give you a positive outlook and a gracious attitude. This is a time for hope, peace and joy.

*This is not time to plan the day’s activities or balance the checkbook in your head. This is not time to plan the speech you are going to give your husband the next time he leaves his shavings in the sink. This time is for reflection and appreciation. There is a lot of talk about the power of positive thinking. And that is because - it works!

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7a (KJV)

Focusing, or meditating on the positive blessings in your life will help you to find clarity over life’s everyday stresses. Giving you insight to the bigger picture on life. Taking this time every day will help you to eliminate unnecessary stress as well as give you a greater appreciation for your life and the people in it. In turn, it will help you react in a more appropriate way.

One of the biggest complaints many Moms had about themselves was that, in a moment of stress, or as “the last straw” they found themselves “flipping out” over small stuff. Making mountains out of molehills and crying over spilled milk. These reactions were due to being over-stressed. That is why this time of meditation is so important. This time for yourself will help to reduce your stress level, give you a more positive outlook, and a greater appreciation for your life.

2. Exercise: Just 20 minutes of stretching or a quick work out video.

Running around after the kids all day does not really count as exercise. We may think it does, I mean, it works up a sweat most of the time, and boy do we feel tired… but that isn’t really giving our bodies what we need.

-Not to lose weight.

Sure there are lots of videos out there promising “in just 20 minutes a day… you too can have a perfect body…” That may be, I myself have not found this wonder workout that will drop those excess pounds, effortlessly from my waist in just 20 minutes. Luckily, this part of your MED time is not meant for you to worry about your weight. There are definitely benefits to staying physically fit, not only for your health but for your own self-confidence. However, this time is not about weight loss or even toning. This time is just to feel energetic, loosen up and get ready to keep up with the kids!

-No straining necessary

For some, the very word “exercise” makes them cringe. I am not talking about heavy aerobics or running the mile, or even lifting weights. Find something that isn’t too daunting or strenuous. Instead, try something you may enjoy; Pilates, a dance video, yoga. So long as it is getting your blood pumping and increases your energy level. You are more likely to stick with it if it is enjoyable and fun for you.

*Don’t give up. For the first few days or so you may not feel the results of adding this important step to your day, but stick with it and you will see the difference.

This time is for you to nurture yourself. Exercising releases endorphins in the body and endorphins make people feel energized. Feeling energized – yeah, that is what every Mommy needs.

If you have younger children you may want to include them in your exercise routine. Your MED time is important and we can’t always wait for alone time to do it. You can include your child by encouraging them to exercise or dance with you. This is a great way to bond with them as well as encourage healthy habits – such as exercising regularly- for life!

3. Devotion: Feed your mind and soothe your soul. Get some great advice or comfort. Daily devotions will shift your prospective and make your reality more peace filled.

-Not Fiction, life is too fun.

-Lift your spirits. Have a laugh.

Short stories are best for this short amount of time. Not too heavy with drama, good for a laugh or a heartfelt moment. This time is for you to grow and enrich your mind. Reading is always a great escape.

Choose a short story devotional that will be uplifting and enlightening. This will help to feed your mind and your soul. Choosing a book that will help you learn more about motherhood is best. You can pick up some tips you may be able to use in your home, or at the very least, you will find you are not alone in your feelings. You can have a laugh knowing someone else has been in your shoes, and has reached the place where they can share and laugh about it. I recommend the Chicken Soup for the Soul, for mothers.

*For now, this should be the time you spend reading your Joyful Mommy workbook.

Dedicate just ten to twenty minutes to each category every day. This is less than one hour a day that you need to help you get energized and start changing your life.


*Set a timer. Ten minutes is longer then you think. But you will want to get your full MED time in. It will be helpful, at least in the first few weeks, to set your timer for 10 minutes.

*Break it up. You don’t have to do it all at once. There is no wrong way to spread out this time. You can break it up throughout the day or do it in one 40 minute stretch. If you are a morning person, do it then. If nights are better for you, take your time before bed. The choice is yours, but don’t put it off. Make MED time a part of your daily routine and be certain to get it in – every day.

MED time is all about taking care of you. Body, mind and soul. You have to take care of yourself so you can take care of everyone else. This time will give you the tools to change your life and is the first step to being a Joyful Mommy.

Make a commitment!

Allowing this time every day for yourself will change your life. This time is dedicated to taking care of yourself and nurturing the needs of your body will improve your outlook on life as well as provide a generous impact on your stress level. This time is designed to rejuvenating your body in every area. It will not only help you be a more successful mother but a more positive woman as well.

**Write yourself a promise note if it will help. Commit and push yourself to do it every day. And watch your life change!


____Get Exercise routine or DVD or Youtube video

____Get a timer (if needed) or use your cell phone.

Start today! Not tomorrow or Next Monday. There is no better time than now. Make a commitment and decide right now when you will take your MED time.

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