Shifting Perspectives *Revelation 1

Being a Joyful Mommy focuses on changing not only our lives but also our attitudes.

Your attitude will directly reflect your joy.

Life is about enjoying all the things you are able to do and positive reflection on all you have accomplished.

We all have things we “have to” do. Laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, phone calls to return and bills to pay just to name a few. The “have tos” in life can weigh us down. That feeling that comes with “have to”. The pressure of needing to do more and trying to get it all done is a distraction from the joy of accomplishing all that we have.

There is always something else you can be doing. It will never all be done. There will always be laundry, no matter how much you do. There will always be cleaning tasks and errands to run. You will never be finished. Because my friend, that is not the point. Life is not about getting it all done. It is about enjoying all the things you are able to do and positive reflection on all you have accomplished. Life is about enjoying every day.

By changing our attitude from “have to” to “able to” we can change the stress level of the many tasks we must accomplish. From pressure to achieve, to pride of the goals we were able to accomplish each day. We have appointments to get to and phone calls that must be made. Bills come due and that bank account requires balancing. That said, these are tasks that are accomplished through effort and balance in our daily life. These are not tasks we “have to” but goals we are able to achieve each day.

Changing your word usage is a key component to changing your thoughts and feelings. Our words are powerful tools. They define our emotions, our prospective and our attitude.

As you begin to make changes in your life, changing your word usage is a key component to changing your thoughts and feelings. Take the words “have to” out of your vocabulary, immediately. Substitute this phrase with I am “going to” or “I plan to”. Completely change the phrase. State that “My goal for tomorrow is to go to the Doctors, wash all the towels and call the cable company. Not to mention all the other tasks I will no doubt accomplish throughout the day.”

For example, if you have a Doctor’s appointment tomorrow, you do not “have to” go to the doctor’s. You are going to go to the Doctors or simply state that you have a Doctor’s appointment.

Stating that you have to go to the Doctor’s, would usually be followed by a long frustrated sigh in order to emphasize the overwhelming feeling of pressure felt towards all the tasks you have on your plate and this is of course just one more thing added to the mountain of chores on your agenda. Often this is a way to express to your spouse, or even a friend that you are in fact a busy mommy with a catalog of expectations.

This is another change we are going to tackle. By the completion of the Joyful Mommy workbook, you will not only be Joyful, but you will no longer have the need for others to know the amount of chores you manage. They will not only know, but they’ll be impressed, and more importantly, you will no longer have the need for their approval or affirmation of your mothering skills. You will be confident all on your own.

Changing your words and your thought process will take some time. It is not easy to re-train your mind to respond in a new way. This will take careful consideration and maybe some planning. But your words will impact your outlook. Your response will change your feelings as well as begin to forge a new perception on all that you do. You can take pride in accomplishing each task as opposed to getting through one more chore on your to do list.

Challenge # 1

You will want to get something to keep track of your daily dos, a log sheet of some kind. You can find these at stores, online and may have even gotten them free when you sign up for our email list. (at the end of this post.)

This is not a “to do” list. Write this list as a “have done”.

Everything! Phone calls, lunch, tedious tasks, getting the mail, paying a bill. Everything you do throughout the day should be recorded on your log. We will do this each day for one week. At the end of each day reflect on the list of what you accomplished. It is vital that you take time each evening to review your log.

We all have things we “have to” do. But this task is to help you see and realize all that you are accomplishing.

Because I believe wholeheartedly that you should never do anything for one reason, but for multiple reasons, there is of course, multiple reasons for this task and each task that follows. KEEP your log pages.

This log will also help us in future tasks as we begin to re-prioritize, and improve planning and time management skills. At the end of each day, make time to reflect. Look over the list of accomplishments in your day and see that – it is good. It will undoubtedly give you a brighter outlook on tomorrow.

This is the first step that is designed to help you change your life.

· Record all accomplished tasks on your daily log sheet.

· Reflect each evening on all that you have achieved.

*Tip* Keep your Joyful Mommy Planner on your kitchen counter so that you can reach it easily and conveniently.

Get your Ta- Done list here!

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