Visualize *Revelation 4

Change can be challenging. We get so caught up in our routines or ruts that it becomes comfortable - Even if it isn’t working.

What do you really want? More time with the kids? Your husband? For Yourself? An organized household? School? Hobbies?

“Knowing what you want is the only way to implement a positive change in your life.”

Joyful Mommy Challenge

Visualize what you want your life to be like.

How many times have you seen a baby food or laundry commercial and let out a long sigh wishing that was how life really could be? If you have then you are not alone. We all long for that carefree, fun loving life. The good news is you can have it! All you have to do is decide what that life will look like.

Before you got married you had an idea of what you wanted the wedding to look like - a vision. And in order to make that vision come to life, you needed a plan. You had to spend some time thinking about the day. What you really wanted and what you didn't want. What mattered to you and what things you didn't care about either way.

For me I was super picky about the center pieces and was involved with the execution of each table. I had this idea about having 2 fish in a fish bowl on each table with the stones in the bottom to color coordinate with the wedding. I took a lot of criticism for that idea, but I didn't care. It was my vision, my day and I loved it. But it didn't matter to me what the cake table looked like. I trusted the lady who made the cake would set that up. Actually, foreshadowing my life, I was pretty picky about most details in the wedding.

We put a lot of thought and careful planning into that one special day. How much careful thought and planning do we put into our everyday life?

You don’t have to have all the answers today. Just continue thinking about the questions and be open to change. You may set certain goals for yourself, and later realize that you want different things. That’s great. Being open to change is a very important part of being a Joyful Mommy. As your children grow and change, so do you. We never stop growing and changing and so our goals and ideals must change with us. That is why being open to change is one of the KEYs of success.

So take the next twenty minutes to think about your life.

Look inside your heart and see the desires God has given you. Has God already given you a vision for your life? Ask yourself some of the following key questions. Take your time. You may know the answers right away, but think about it. Then write them down. Use a pencil if you’d like… Because as life changes, so will the answers.

”Where there is no vision, the people perish” Proverbs 29:18a (KJV)

It is necessary to have a vision for change to take place. Remember to be open and be sure to take 20 minutes a day just thinking on these questions and others that you may come up with for your life. Visualize the life you want.

Getting my vision questions (write these down, old school - on paper.)

What does a Joyful life look like to you?

How do you want others to see you? Your children, spouse, friends, etc.?

What types of activities would you like to do for yourself? How can you share that with your child(ren)?

What does a perfect day look like to you? (a regular day, not one on vacation)

The Key to creating the life you love is to find your balance. Once you have the vision, taking the steps to make it yours is next. Check out our blog post "balance is key" for the path to help you create the life you love.

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