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How to Forgive and Let Go

a guided course

We know we are supposed to forgive.  We know it is best for us.  We hear it all the time.  But no one ever tells you how.  I can say the words, I can even want to mean them.  But all too often the painful memories flood in and the hurt resurfaces like a wound that never healed. 


I wasn’t born knowing how to forgive deep hurts.  Unfortunately, I learned all that I am sharing in this course the hard way.  The very hard way.  It came at a cost. For me, it was a ton of time, energy, pain and a piece of  myself I am still healing. But this is my story, my steps that have brought healing and joy and peace back to my life. 


In this course we are going to work through the processes, we are going to use steps and a proven system to help us forgive and really let go. 


Be sure to use the workbook, if you don’t use the tools, well, you won’t have the success you are hoping for, the freedom that I want for you.  You may need to use the printable worksheets more than once (often we have more than just one hurt to let go of).


Now is your time to begin your journey towards healing and living the life of freedom that you were meant to experience. This program has been specifically designed to provide you with tangible tools, actionable steps, and a positive mindset to help you move forward from past hurts. Forgiveness is a difficult process, and achieving true healing requires genuine effort. However, this course will guide you through the journey in just 7 simple steps.

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