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girl read your bible

Sunday school for adults who missed it. 

This podcast is here to help you learn a new Bible story each week.  Every episode we discuss the story of an amazing person in the Bible and talk about how that story can help you grow in faith and become everything you were meant to be. 

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What can You expect? 

Weekly Content

Consistency is key. Listen every week and get "homework" to help you grow.

30 - 45 minute 

Time management - short sessions make it simple to keep in the Word.

Words to live by

Learn the stories of amazing people and how their stories effect your life today.

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Study Journal

girl, read your Bible podcast

Get the most out of your time with our podcast journal. Especially designed for gals who want to partner with the show.

Take notes from each episode, answer thoughtful questions and help support the program.  You can take notes in any notebook. This was created to provide an opportunity to those who would like to support the podcast. Thank you for partnering with us! 

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